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How to Fit Working Out into Your Workday

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Feb 22, 2019

The BikeErg Desk: Just one way to get your workout in at Concept2!

Finding time to exercise can feel more difficult than the workout itself. Here at Concept2, our employees have found many ways to schedule fitness into their busy work days.

Even though Concept2 gives employees flexible hours and scheduling, we still need to juggle exercise between taking phone calls, building oars, shipping orders, having meetings, and other tasks and responsibilities. While some of our staff work behind desks, many others are on their feet in our warehouse, shipping and production areas. Even with a workout room easily available, it can still be tough to find time.

How does our staff make it happen? A few Concept2 employees share their tricks.

  1. Move. The goal is to move—whether it is a formal workout or walking around the office. Take the stairs or visit a colleague instead of emailing them. Here at Concept2, our marketing team was eager to complete the Holiday Challenge, so they held a meeting while riding BikeErgs! If you don’t have equipment available, consider standing or walking meetings. They can be more engaging than sitting around a table.

  2. Schedule It. Meg (Customer Service) makes it a priority to fit in a workout. She attends a noon class at our local Green Mountain CrossFit three times a week. Concept2 also hosts classes in our workout room twice a week. Keeping these classes on your meeting calendar helps coworkers know your whereabouts and availability. Sue often handles computer emergencies in our IT department: “People are able to interrupt me if they need me,” she explains. For others, workout time is sacred—but letting coworkers know how accessible you are is an important part of communicating with your team.

  3. Replace Coffee with Meters. Many casual catch-ups happen at Concept2 in the workout room, instead of over a cup of coffee or the water cooler. Invite coworkers to join you on an easy workout or a walk. Paul in Shipping says his afternoon workout makes him “feel great, alert and awake.” Replace your caffeine buzz with some adrenaline.

  4. Find a Community. When others start to expect you for a workout, you’re more likely to show up. “I have met so many great people since I started going to CrossFit. It is such a great, supportive community of people and another reason why I look forward to working out as often as I can,” explains Meg.

  5. Get Outdoors. Jenny, in Finance, can be seen jetting out for a run most days (even in extreme weather!). In winter, Sarah (Digital Marketing) has brought in her Nordic skis so she can get in a few kilometers on nearby trails. Whether cycling, running stadiums, swimming or rowing, find an exercise that is accessible and motivates you.

  6. Motivate. The biggest benefit of a midday workout is how it can make you feel. Remembering the benefits can be a motivator to get started. Our staff reports that midday workouts make them feel energized, clear minded, refreshed, awesome and refueled.  A workout “allows me to release any built up stress, breaks up the day, and I am able return to my desk with the energy and clarity to take on the rest of the day,” says Meg. Others report that ticking a workout off their to-do list frees up time for family and for committing to other organizational activities.

  7. Pack a Lunch. “I often have ‘working’ lunches and breaks at my desk to have dedicated time in the gym,” explains Aaron in Production. Lunchtime is a popular workout time. Planning ahead can help make the most of your time.

  8. Shower Later. Several employees at Concept2 admit to delaying their post-workout shower. The workout room is often busy late in the day; many find it easy to finish up a workout and go straight home in stinky clothes. “I usually workout near the end of my day--so it’s something to look forward to during the day. When I leave work, I feel energized and a sense of accomplishment,” explains Aaron, who cleans up later.

  9. Be Efficient. While many folks enjoy the social aspect of working out with others, several employees report exercising alone—which is more flexible with their schedules. So she can use her time wisely, Jenny packs extra clothes, shoes and gear so she always has options for changes in weather or plans. If you're looking for the most time-efficient workout, the number of muscles used in rowing and skiing make these activities high calorie burners. If you have a few minute a day to exercise, the whole body nature of these motions provides efficient, effective exercise.

Our contributors share a few of their favorite workday workouts:

  • Jenny: A group rowing class hosted at Concept2 on Fridays (in winter) or a short run and swim in nearby Lake Elmore (in summer).
  • Meg: Lately, I have been downloading As the Flywheel Spins, a podcast created by Concept2 trainer Cady Hart-Petterssen. For core strength, I have been using Tia-Clair Toomey’s eight week core program as a resource.
  • Sue: I love the Fight Gone Bad format, using body weight as well as barbell or equipment movements combined. 20 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible).
  • Paul: I love the SkiErg most, generally do a long ski at steady pace, a 5k or 10k.
  • Aaron: The holiday marathon [where coworkers watch a movie to complete Holiday Challenge meters] is always a treat!
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