Common Errors

The purpose of this video is to illustrate a number of common rowing technique errors as well as drills that will help you practice good rowing.

Model E Indoor Rower is shown in video.

Common Rowing Technique Errors: Video Overview

Improve your rowing technique. The Concept2 experts talk through common technique challenges, how to address “problem” areas to be more effective, and show you some drills for practicing better rowing technique. The Common Errors are broken up into 3 groups—arms/hands, back, and legs.

Poor grip/over-grip (0:29)
Breaking the arms at the catch (0:50)
Chicken wing arms (1:10)
Drills: Arms and Hands rowing technique (1:36)

BACK (2:24)
Lunging at the catch (2:29)
Over-reaching at the catch (2:54)
Lifting with the back at or after the catch (3:13)
Too much layback (3:30)
Drills: Back rowing technique (3:56)

LEGS (4:24)
Bending your knees too early on the recovery (4:28)
Rushing the slide (4:54)
Over-compression (5:14)
Shooting the slide (5:41)
Drills: Legs rowing technique (6:07)

Including some of these drills in your regular warm-up is a great way to keep your technique correct and effective. Whenever possible, watch yourself in the mirror while rowing indoors. Review this video periodically to reinforce good technique.