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Adaptive Training

Concept2 believes in the power of sport and fitness to build wellness, self-confidence and independence. We work with injured Veterans, individuals with physical and mental disabilities, and anyone who needs assistance with adapting Concept2 equipment to meet their unique needs. Adaptive opportunities exist for both recreation and competition. Join us online or at an upcoming event.  

“I did not let it stop me, slow me down and control my life.”

--Michael Mills, CrossFit athlete

Adaptive athlete on a RowErg

Adaptive Rowing

The RowErg can be modified to meet the needs of adaptive athletes, making rowing accessible to a community of people with many varied gifts and abilities. Adaptations can include accessories to help with grip, balance and to accommodate wheelchairs. We invite the visually impaired and intellectually and physically disabled to join us. Indoor rowing is a genuinely inclusive sport, and many races offer adaptive categories, including the World Rowing Indoor Championships (WRICH). 

Image courtesy of Drew Smith Photography

Adaptive Rowing ClassificationsAdapting the RowErg
Athlete with wheelchair using the SkiErg

Adaptive Skiing

The Concept2 SkiErg accommodates various accessibility needs with its long drive cords that enable it to be used from a seated position. Many wheelchairs fit our optional SkiErg floor stands, which are available in two widths. The SkiErg is a great tool for general fitness or sport-specific training regimen. The SkiErg is currently used as an integral part of training for Sled Hockey, Para-Nordic Ski Racing, Para-Biathlon and Para-Triathlon. 

Adaptive Skiing ClassificationsAdapting the SkiErg

Voice Guidance

For users with visual impairment or who prefer voice guidance, our free ErgData app uses your device’s VoiceOver feature to announce your workout data.