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Adapting the RowErg

Concept2 Tractor Seat

The Concept2 Tractor Seat is an after-factory alternative sliding seat available for Concept2 Indoor Rowers Models A, B, C, D, and E. It features:

  • A wider, more stable base for people who like more support while rowing.
  • A larger size that makes getting on and off the indoor rower easier.
  • Easy installation using thumb screws.

The Tractor Seat is available from Concept2; using it does not void your warranty. If interested, please call 800.245.5676 to order.

Note: When using proper rowing technique, range of motion is limited when leaning back on the Tractor Seat at the end of the drive.

Third-Party Add-ons

The versatility of the RowErg has made possible several innovative add-ons by other companies. Concept2 has no relationship with, has not tested the products and does not endorse the following companies.

Altering the Concept2 RowErg with third party products such as those listed below voids our warranty.