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Polar Troubleshooting

This section is designed to help you diagnose and fix problems with your Polar heart rate monitor as it pertains to Concept2 equipment. If you have questions or problems, or if you need further troubleshooting assistance, please email us at [email protected] or call 800.245.5676 (US and Canada only).

New problems may arise that are not dealt with in this troubleshooting section. We would appreciate any information you may have to help us deal with these situations.

Note: Polar W.I.N.D. products are not compatible with Concept2 Performance Monitors.


The heart rate reading is absent or is totally erratic.

Resolution 1: Ensure Good Contact Between the Skin and Electrodes

  1. Repeat the electrode wetting procedure by wetting the two grooved rectangular areas on the underside of the Belt Transmitter thoroughly with water or saliva. The electrodes must be wet to pick up accurate heart rate readings.
  2. Make sure the transmitter is centered with electrodes flat against your skin, as high under the pectoral muscles as is comfortable.
  3. Wash your belt transmitter with mild soap and water, if you have not been doing so regularly.

Resolution 2 (H7 sensor only): Turn Wireless On on the PM5

From the Main Menu on the PM5, go to More Options and make sure the wireless functionality is turned on.

Resolution 3 (H7 sensor only): Limit Pairing Devices to One

The H7 heart rate sensor will only pair with one device at a time. Make sure that it is not paired to a smart phone or other mobile device.

Resolution 4 (H1 sensor only): Check the Distance Between the Receiver and Transmitter

Make sure your heart rate receiver is within the proper range to receive transmission (1 meter/3 feet from your chest belt).

Resolution 5 (H1 sensor only): Ensure Good Cable Connections

  1. Check the cable connection on the back of the PM where the receiver cable plugs in and make sure the cable is securely plugged in.
  2. Check the connection between the cable and the receiver and make sure it is secure.

Resolution 6 (H1 sensor only): Limit Signals from Other Belts

Signals from more than one belt transmitter within the transmission range (1 meter/3 feet) can cause incorrect readings.

Resolution 7: Limit Outside Interference

If you are exercising within range of strong electromagnetic signals, the heart rate readings may elevate to abnormal levels. Common sources of electromagnetic signals are televisions, computers, cars, TV antennas, high voltage power lines and motor driven exercise equipment.

Check your surroundings and move away from the source of interference if possible. Two indoor rowers with heart rate hardware must be at least 4 feet (1.22 meters) apart to avoid interference.


This problem applies to PM2 monitors only. When it occurs, the entire monitor screen goes blank, not just the heart rate display, when the Concept heart rate cable is plugged in. This is due to a short-circuit that occurs if the heart rate cable is plugged into the PM2 while the monitor is on.


  1. Push ON/OFF once to turn the PM2 off.
  2. Plug the heart rate cable into the monitor.
  3. Push ON/OFF again to turn the PM2 back on.