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Once you have reviewed and understand the options for configuring your oars, you can use this form to submit your configuration to Concept2. This is not an order; we will always contact you to confirm the full configuration and collect payment.

1. Oar Types & Quantity

How many pairs of this configuration do you need?

Contact Concept2 if you need single oars for spares.

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  • Learn about scull components
  • Learn about sweep components

2. Blade

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Your oars are shipped with a white factory finish, ready for paint or decals. If you would like to order single, solid-color blades, there is an additional $20 charge per blade and a longer lead time.

3. Shaft & Flex

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Note that your options may vary based on what blade you selected in the previous step. If you are uncertain, review shaft construction options.

4. Handle & Grips

5. Length & Rigging


7. Billing & Shipping Address

Shipping Address

Billing Address

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  • Oar Type:

  • Pairs: 1

  • Blade:

  • Color: Standard White

  • Shaft Construction:

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  • Handle:

  • Outer Grips:

  • Inner Grips:

  • Oar Length:

  • Inboard:

  • Pitch:

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