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What is Regatta Service?

Concept2's Free Regatta Services Oar Repair

Concept2 travels to several regattas each year to provide repairs and maintenance for oars and sculls. This service is provided free for all customers of Concept2 products. We’re happy to help! Our Regatta Service is one way we help support our customers long after the sale. Here is what you can expect.

Concept2 Regatta Services provide free Concept2 Oar repair at regattas.

The priority is racing oars.

At each regatta, Concept2 is on site to help with oars that will be used for racing. Some of the repairs we see, for example, are oars that are damaged during travel that are needed for race day. We can help get you (and your crew) to the starting line.

First-come, first-served

We’re happy to consider other repairs during the regatta after all racing sets are done. We work on oars on a first-come, first-served basis: The sooner you drop off your oars, the better your chances are that the repairs can be done. Be prepared to leave your oars until the end of racing. We can discuss with you what repairs may be needed and what repairs will be possible. We do not accept reservations or appointments.

Types of repairs

While we travel with a fully-stocked trailer to many of our regattas, we’re not always able to complete every repair requested. Requests that are beyond functionality and more along the lines of “oar upgrades” (for example, changing blade type) may be denied. We will also gladly inspect oars to make sure there are no safety risks to an athlete or a crew. Some damage may be beyond repair.


Oars and sculls need periodic maintenance. Parts such as sleeves and collars are wearing parts; you can expect to replace these over time. Our designs have been made so that athletes and coaches can repair their own equipment. We provide full instructions (and some videos!) to help you with these repairs. Our Regatta Service team is available to answer questions or you can call 800.245.5676 for assistance at any time.

If your oars need service:

  • Visit our Regatta Service Calendar to see if you’ll be racing at one of the regattas where Concept2 will be available. (Our schedule rotates annually.)
  • Find the Concept2 repair trailer or booth when you arrive.
  • Check in with the Concept2 staff on site. We need an adult (age 18+) to provide us with contact information (name, team name, work to be done, blade design, cell phone number) and sign our waiver. It is recommended that the coach or athlete drop off the oars with us.
  • The Concept2 representative will discuss with you what repairs are needed.
  • For any sleeve repairs, please remove the collars. (We have tools available.)
  • Oars must be picked up by the end of the regatta. Concept2 is not responsible for left, lost or stolen oars.


Concept2 is unable to bring new oar orders to regattas. Please call our Customer Service group to discuss delivery and timing if you are trying to ship in advance of your regatta.


We rent oars and sculls only for the Head Of The Charles Regatta®. Please contact us after your entry is confirmed.

We look forward to seeing you this regatta season! Good luck, racers!