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Try a 2k Race!

Nov 13, 2023



Indoor racing on the RowErg is open to anyone. A race makes a great training goal, and it’s an opportunity to connect with a lot of like-minded members of the Concept2 community. You may find that you do pretty well in your age group—or you may find that it gives you some new training goals. Find a race near you or use racing as a reason to travel somewhere new.

  1. Start by having a look at our indoor race calendar and see if there is a race near you.
  2. Choose your race, check out their website, note the registration deadline and then enter!
  3. Start your training, preferably with a couple months lead time. Starting at least one month before the race would be advisable. Here are some training suggestions:
    • Follow this 2k training plan to get yourself race-ready.
    • Do the WOD (Workout of the Day) that’s posted daily on the Concept2 website, or get it on ErgData, where it loads onto your PM5 with a single click.
    • Continue with your regular training routine but be sure to include a few 2000 meter pieces to get you used to the distance.
  4. Be sure you know what your race pace will be. In the excitement of racing, it is VERY easy to go out too hard. It may feel too easy at the start of the race, but it has a way of catching up with you by the end. Do enough practice pieces so that you know what pace you will be able to maintain for the 2000 meters. You’ll find additional information on pacing in some of the resources listed below.
  5. When it comes time to travel, one other piece of information to take with you is the drag factor on the erg you’ve been using for training. You will then be able to set the same drag factor on your race erg, to keep a similar feel. To find the drag factor on your PM, press Menu > More Options > Display Drag Factor, and take a few strokes.

Have fun!

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