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Training Plans and Resources

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Apr 18, 2023

woman on bikeergWith increased interest in training plans for a variety of fitness goals, it’s a good time to share some of the free training options we have readily available on our website.

Our collection of five first workouts are meant to get you familiar with your Concept2 RowErg and spend some time working on stroke rate and intensity. While these workouts are designed for those new to the RowErg, they are very effective for experienced rowers as well.

In the world of rowing there are a few benchmark distances that come to mind. The 2000-meter distance has long been the go-to for racing on water, indoor racing, and testing at training facilities. The 5000-meter distance is a nice endurance indicator and is based off head racing that occurs in the fall for crews. The 500-meter piece is the classic all out sprint piece that people look to for peak power bragging rights.

Check out these plans and be on your way to your personal best:

2000 Meter
5000 Meter
500 Meter

man setting a 2k workout

Throughout the ranking season we have 1000-meter sprint events for the RowErg, SkiErg, and BikeErg. We’ve created some basic sprint training plans for the SkiErg World Sprints and the World Rowing Indoor Sprints. The 2023 BikeErg World Sprints distance has been adjusted to 1000 meters moving forward, and we will be releasing a plan for this soon!

4 Minute Time Trial
1000 Meter Row Sprint
1000 Meter Ski Sprint

Are you interested in designing your own training plan? Have a look at our Training Guide for some important things to think about when putting a program together.

We know that there isn’t always a specific goal or distance you’re after, but you still might want some guidance for your workouts. The Workout of the Day (WOD) available on our free ErgData app can be a great tool. Concept2 Founder Peter Dreissigacker followed the WOD leading up to the World Rowing Indoor Championships, and attributes his good performance to it. The WOD varies in length of workout and intensity, and both can be key to improving your performance.

There are countless training and coaching programs out there to follow, which range from free to subscription-based. There is also a wide variety of fitness apps that can be used with the Concept2 Performance Monitor. Or, if you'd prefer some personalized rowing instruction from a Concept2 instructor, check out our Find an Instructor page on our website.

You can also refer to the Training Plans and Resources page for a list of workout ideas to download.

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