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ErgData New Release!

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Jul 08, 2022

ErgData showing on tabletErgData® is our free app for all Concept2 users, and your gateway into the Concept2 training community.

Whether you’re a new Concept2 customer, a happy longtime user, or a hardcore competitor, ErgData is for you.

You don’t need to own a Concept2 RowErg®, SkiErg® or BikeErg®. In fact, ErgData makes it easy to bring your customized display and workout information with you to wherever you row, ski or ride a Concept2 machine.

We’ve updated ErgData to make your Concept2 fitness experience better informed, more engaging, and more personalized. And it will serve as your connection to the Concept2 community now, and going forward.

ErgData now requires a PM5 connection. ErgData takes the power of the PM5 and multiplies it by:
WOD screen

  • Offering additional data and display choices, and customization of what you see to suit you best.
  • Making it easier to set up workouts, including the Workout of the Day, and allows you to save any number of them as “favorites” so you can load them for later use with a single tap.
  • Storing your in-depth workout data for later analysis.
  • Connecting seamlessly to the Concept2 Online Logbook. Thanks to the automatic connection to the online logbook, ErgData becomes your portal to participation in Concept2’s team and individual challenges, and Online Ranking. You can also choose to send your workouts to other platforms such as Strava and Garmin Connect.

ErgData is now compatible with Apple Watch, offering another way to see your heart rate and add it to your data display.

One of the great things about ErgData is that there's something for every Concept2 user:

New to Concept2? ErgData makes your workout data easier to view and understand. It also gets you connected with the online logbook, which enables you to participate in Concept2’s annual calendar of online motivational challenges.

Are you a data geek? ErgData offers more data; and more data at one time, as well as plots, charts, and an enhanced pacer display. It’s easier to set up complex workouts to transfer to the PM, and save them for later use.

Longtime Concept2 enthusiast? ErgData provides more of the feedback you know and love, and lets you configure your displays to suit your taste and needs. It makes uploading your meters to your online logbook easier than ever.

Don't have your own RowErg, SkiErg or BikeErg? You can still download ErgData and see all the benefits on the ergs at your gym or boathouse

We’re already working on additional connected opportunities! Here’s a sampling of what’s coming in future upgrades:

  • Firmware updates right from your smartphone.
  • The ability to share workouts with others.
  • Dark mode for better visibility in some conditions.
  • Challenge interface: Updates your progress right on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Tablet-specific design.
  • A live display of your force curve.

How do you get the all new ErgData? Just visit this page for all the details

Note: If you already have ErgData, your app will be automatically updated to the new release.

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