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Introducing the Ergatta Concept2 Connection Kit

Jun 13, 2024


RowErg with Ergatta Tablet

“I love the gamification, the milestones, the races, the competitive nature—all on top of a really great full body workout.” - Katie A.

Ergatta recently launched the Concept2 Connection Kit, bringing their game-based rowing platform to the Concept2 RowErg. The Ergatta platform offers thousands of interactive workout options personalized to your fitness level, plus races, team competitions, and scenic rows. Ergatta members also receive personalized form feedback with AI-powered advanced insights and instructional videos.

“At Ergatta, we're dedicated to helping people build lasting fitness habits through games and competition,” said Tom Aulet, Co-Founder and CEO of Ergatta. “The Concept2 Connection Kit represents a significant milestone in this mission by welcoming owners of the classic Concept2 RowErg to our community. We are very excited for them to add game-based zone training and competition to their traditional erg workouts and enhance that achievement-oriented spirit this community thrives on.”

Ergatta App Screenshot

The Concept2 Connection Kit contains a mount and a high quality large touchscreen that plugs into the back of the Concept2 RowErg Performance Monitor (PM5).

“We’re glad to welcome Ergatta to the Concept2 RowErg,” said David Hart from Concept2’s developer program. “It’s going to be really interesting to see how the community reacts to the opportunity to hook up a dedicated large screen to their rowing machine, while Ergatta’s focus on games and competition brings even more choice to our open platform.”

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