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Concept2 Compatible Apps: Try Regatta

Aug 28, 2020



There are many ways that technology can add variety to your workout routine. In addition to our free app, ErgData, there are a number of apps that connect with the Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) via Bluetooth and ANT+. (If you have a PM2, PM3 or PM4, there still are a few options to consider which may require a cable or other additional device. The PM5 can also be retrofitted to all models.)

While these apps are not developed, serviced or supported by Concept2, we’re excited to share these details because we know that the features and functions interest athletes of all abilities. We will continue to share our favorites via social media, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Regatta: Stream Live and On-Demand Rowing Fitness Classes

The iOS Regatta app joins athletes together in live video classes led by knowledgeable coaches, and connects others from around the world for shared motivation, competition and fun. Classes are produced live in a dedicated Boston, Massachusetts, filming studio, with ten or more HD-quality video classes streamed every week. Led by a diverse team of fitness experts, their extensive group teaching experience brings high energy and advice in the form of structured, at-home workouts. Each live class is added to an ever-expanding on-demand library (250+ RowErg classes as of July 2020).

Regatta is for everyone: classes range from beginner to advanced levels and vary in length from five to 45 minutes. Regatta also offers off-machine strength and mobility classes (including yoga) to provide a balanced fitness offering for a wide range of athletes.

“Finally! A way to make regular use of my Concept2. Looking forward to live classes! I’ve enjoyed the instructors and workouts.”
—Ben K., a recent Regatta convert

In addition to high-quality video classes, Regatta offers a unique live tracking board called CrewTrack™ that syncs data in real-time from everyone’s RowErgs. The Regatta app displays these metrics live and constantly updates CrewTrack™, so people can compete from anywhere in the world. Moreover, Regatta coaches in the studio can see everyone in the live class, along with their metrics, and offer personalized in-the-moment feedback and encouragement.

Athletes find inspiration and motivation to work out consistently with Regatta.

CrewTrack™ is also available in on-demand classes for virtual racing against previous participants. All individual performance data is recorded and can be automatically synced with the Concept2 Online Logbook, Strava and Apple HealthKit.

Future app releases plan to offer live virtual regattas, team creation and management, challenges, multi-machine connections and community features.Regatta strives to provide the most rewarding live digital experience for rowing exercise and aims to unite the global community of Concept2 users in live events. Regatta offers a free 2-week trial and multiple subscription options to help make your fitness journey approachable, affordable and accessible.

Regatta Fitness was founded by Mike Pierce, a serial technology entrepreneur and former US Navy SEAL. The leadership team has deep expertise in video production, digital experience creation and group fitness training. Over the past 12 months, they’ve expanded to a team of over eight coaches who have led over 250 digital classes. Find out more about Regatta and download the app here.


  • Features live and on-demand HD video coach-led RowErg classes (250+ in library, with 10+ new filmed new every week).
  • Includes live tracking and competition board (CrewTrack™); Coaches in studio can see everyone’s performance metrics during a class.
  • Broadcasts on-screen metrics from the Performance Monitor and compatible wearables (Apple iWatch, heart rate straps).
  • Syncs data to the Concept2 Online Logbook, Strava and Apple Healthkit.
  • Connects wirelessly to the PM5 monitor. (Bluetooth FTMS connectivity coming soon.)
  • Plans to offer SkiErg and BikeErg soon.
  • Is available for iOS only (iPhone, iPad & iWatch), with future development planned for Android.

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