Retrofitting a PM5 to a SkiErg 1 | Concept2

Retrofitting a PM5 to a SkiErg 1

Improve your workouts by updating the monitor on your original SkiErg (the SkiErg 1) to a PM5.

The PM5 comes standard on the SkiErg 2.

  PM5 Retrofit Monitor for the SkiErg 1
Price $170.00 plus shipping (US and Canada only)
Part Number PN 2797
Purchase Includes
  • PM5 monitor
  • Two D cell batteries
  • Extension cable used to extend the generator cable from the SkiErg 1
    to the PM5
  • Smartphone Cradle
Power Generation Two D cell batteries
There is no drain on the batteries when the SkiErg is in use, because the spinning flywheel powers the monitor.
Retrofit Instructions PM5 Retrofit SkiErg 1