Service | Concept2

Viewing Performance Monitor Data

The first ErgData screen displays data from the Performance Monitor.

  • Tap the middle of the screen to toggle between viewing work units in pace/500m, watts or calories.
  • To view an alternate ErgData screen, touch the screen and swipe your finger left or right.
  • To change the data displayed on the right side of the screen (set to Drive Length and Ave. Force by default):
    • Tap the unit you want to change.
    • Select the new unit to display: Ave. Force, Peak Force, Drive Length, Drive Time, Drag Factor or Stroke Count. (To learn more about these values, view the FAQs.)
    • Tap Done.

The left portion of the screen is divided into four rows. The top row displays elapsed rest time and strokes per minute. The second row displays the name of the current interval. The third row displays elapsed distance and heart beats per minute (if heart rate equipment is in use). The fourth row shows work units in pace per 500 meters, watts or calories. The right portion of the screen is divided into two rows. The top row displays drive length: the amount of chain or rope pulled out during the drive. The bottom row displays the average force during the drive. The bottom right-hand corner of the screen displays the version of ErgData in use.