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Screen Reader Instructions for Deleting Workouts from ErgData

Any workouts logged in ErgData will remain in the app until you delete them. Once workouts are removed from ErgData, they cannot be retrieved. Synced workouts that are deleted from ErgData are not deleted from your online logbook.

To delete workouts from ErgData:

  1. When on a main ErgData screen, swipe right with three fingers until you reach "Page three of three, LogBook Sync button."
  2. Swipe left to "Edit button." Double tap to select it. It will change to "Done."
  3. Swipe left until you reach the workout you want to delete. ErgData will read "Delete" followed by the workout date, duration and score.
  4. Double tap to access the Delete button for the selected workout.
  5. When you hear "Delete button," double tap to select it and delete the workout.
  6. Repeat the process for as many workouts as you want to delete.
  7. When you are finished deleting workouts, swipe right until you reach "Done button." Double tap. The button will change back to "Edit."
  8. Swipe left with three fingers twice to return to the first ErgData screen.