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Connecting Android Devices (Wired with OTG Adapter)

  1. Place the Smartphone Cradle on top of the Performance Monitor.
  2. Carefully insert a USB OTG Adapter into a compatible Android device.
  3. Carefully insert a USB Cable into the USB OTG Adapter..
  4. Place the Android device into the cradle. (Note: Concept2 does not recommend using tablets with the Smartphone Cradle.)
  5. If a LogCard or USB flash drive is inserted in the PM, remove it now.
  6. Carefully insert the USB plug into the PM, ensuring that the plug is oriented properly.
  7. Start the ErgData app.
  8. Set up the workout on the PM.
  9. After the workout, press Menu or Menu | Back on the PM to ensure your data is recorded.

Note: Unplug the cable from the Android device when not in use.