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Firmware Update Problems


You are trying to update firmware on your Performance Monitor (PM) and the PM is now stuck on "Concept2 USB Flash Loader" or the monitor display is completely blank.


  1. Remove any cables or devices from the Performance Monitor.
  2. Remove one of the D cell batteries from the PM.
  3. On the monitor face, simultaneously press and hold Units and the first and fifth buttons on the right while re-inserting the battery.On the PM5, press the first and 5th buttons down the right hand side, and the left-most button on the bottom
  4. You should now receive the "Concept2 USB Flash Loader" message if you hadn’t already.
  5. Restart your computer and launch the Concept2 Utility program.
  6. Plug the PM into your computer, select Update Firmware, and follow the steps on the Concept2 Utility screen to update the firmware on your PM.