Concept2 Utility Wants to Rewrite the LogCard


The Concept2 Utility is attempting to read the LogCard in order to either upload workouts to your Online Logbook or transfer workouts to a spreadsheet, and the Concept2 Utility is displaying a message that it needs to rewrite the card.


Allow the Concept2 Utility to rewrite the card; you will not lose any data.

When the Concept2 Utility asks to rewrite a LogCard, it is doing so because one of the following conditions has occurred, and rewriting the LogCard repairs the problems:

  • Workouts are out of date order on the card.
  • Data is damaged on the LogCard and needs repair.

During a LogCard rewrite/repair, you may be prompted to answer some questions (for example, if there is more than one user on a LogCard, the utility may ask which user a particular workout belongs to). This is not unusual; the Concept2 Utility simply needs additional information to fix the data properly. Don't be afraid! Trust the utility to do the job properly.