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PM5 Troubleshooting

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Won't Connect


Your Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor (e.g. Polar H7, Polar H10, and many from other manufacturers) is not connecting to the Concept2 PM5.


When you first put on your belt, it turns on and starts “advertising” or looking for a connection. The first device (PM5, your phone, etc.) that connects gets the connection and now no other device can connect. In some cases, apps on your iPhone or Android phone may keep the connection active even if you don’t expect it to, such as after switching to another app. If the phone is connected to your Bluetooth belt, the PM5 cannot connect. In other words, the belt can only be connected to one device at a time.

To get the belt connected to the PM, try this:

  • Go into your phone’s settings and turn Bluetooth off, or turn the phone off entirely.
  • After a few moments, try to connect the belt to your PM5.
  • Once it connects, you can turn your phone’s Bluetooth back on.

If you still cannot connect:

  • Check to see if the belt might be connected to some other device.
  • Consider if it is time to change the batteries on your belt.