Service | Concept2

PM3 Troubleshooting

Resolution for Error Codes 37-, 39-, 137-, and 240-

Resolution 1: If LogCard is Used

  1. Download and install the latest version of the Concept2 Utility on your computer.
  2. Launch the Concept2 Utility.
  3. Connect the PM3 or PM4 to your computer with the USB cable provided with your monitor.
  4. Insert your LogCard into the monitor.
  5. Using the Concept2 Utility, transfer your LogCard data to a spreadsheet. During the transfer data function, the Concept2 Utility will detect and correct the errors associated with the LogCard, which it does by rewriting the card. When you are prompted to have the Concept2 Utility rewrite the card, select OK. Your data will be retained.

Resolution 2: If No LogCard is Used

  1. Perform a full monitor reset.
    Warning: Depending on the age of your monitor, resetting the monitor may delete all workout data from the monitor memory; workout data stored on a LogCard will not be deleted. Additionally, following a reset, you may need to re-program your monitor with the correct language, and the current date and time.
    To perform a full monitor reset:

    1. Remove both D cell batteries or the battery pack from the monitor.
    2. Leave the batteries/battery pack out of the monitor overnight.
    3. Hold down the UNITS and DISPLAY buttons. While holding these down, re-install the battery pack. If you are using batteries, install two fresh D cell batteries.
  2. Update the PM3 or PM4 firmware.