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PM3 Troubleshooting

Resolution for Error Code 50

Several situations can cause an error code 50:

  • Plastic wrap around the flywheel.
  • Very fast, arms-only rowing, especially with some older versions of Performance Monitor firmware.
  • A dirty flywheel enclosure.
  • An incorrectly programmed Performance Monitor.

If you are getting an error code 50, here are some steps to take:

  1. If this is a new machine, ensure that the plastic wrap has been removed from the flywheel.
  2. Make sure your PM is running current firmware. See PM3, PM4 or PM5 for more information.
  3. Check the flywheel enclosure and clean out any debris. Refer to the following instructions:
  4. For monitors on indoor rowers, ensure that your monitor is correctly programmed for the indoor rower model on which it’s installed: From the Main Menu select More Options > Utilities > Product ID. Look at what appears next to "Model." This should be D or D/E for Model Ds, and D/E for Model E and Dynamic Indoor Rowers. (For reference, D/E will also be listed for SkiErgs, but this procedure applies to indoor rowers only.) If you have retrofitted a monitor to an older indoor rower, this should read C, B or A according to the indoor rower you have. If this doesn't match the indoor rower model you have, take the following steps:
    1. From the Main Menu, select More Options > Utilities > LCD Contrast.
    2. Press Change Units or Units three times.
    3. Press Change Display or Display three times.
    4. When the Set Rower Type screen appears, press the button next to Change Type until the correct indoor model is displayed:
      • D or D/E for Model D Indoor Rowers
      • D/E for Model E and Dynamic Indoor Rowers
      • C, B or A as appropriate for the indoor rower you have, if you've retrofitted a monitor to an older machine
    5. Select Set Type to save the setting.

    Note: If you change the monitor batteries, you may need to follow this procedure again.

If the problem persists after performing these steps, contact Concept2 for assistance.