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Model C Troubleshooting

Odd Noise

Symptom 1

Scraping noise from inside of front end beam.


The shock cord or chain may be routed incorrectly, worn or may have jumped off pulley. See the Return Mechanism Schematic PDF for proper routing of the shock cord and chain. Contact Concept2 if replacement parts are needed.

Symptom 2

There is a creaking noise from footplate area.


Two mating surfaces of monorail and front end are working against each other. Separate the monorail from the front end. Apply a light coat of thick lubricant (Vaseline or Chapstick) to the front facing and bottom rear facing aluminum hooks located at front of the monorail. Reassemble and row.

Symptom 3

There is a clicking or crunching sound from the seat.


This is usually caused by worn out seat rollers or by dirt on the seat rollers or the monorail. Clean the rollers and monorail. Replace the top seat rollers if problem persists.