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Product Overview

Add an on water feel to your Model A, B, C, D or E Indoor Rower with the Concept2 Slide! Note that the length required for a RowErg on a pair of Slides is 11 ft.

Sliding Single

Set up as a sliding single, the indoor rower moves back and forth under you, more like rowing on the water. You get a quicker catch and can row at a higher stroke rate, because you aren’t moving your body mass—you are only moving the mass of the indoor rower.

Team Boat Slide

Connect Models C, D and/or E Indoor Rowers to create a team boat slide. A great training tool for coaches, creating a team boat slide makes your crew work together. Note: If you are looking to connect two or more Dynamic Indoor Rowers for team boat training, read about the Dynamic Link.

Technical Details

  • Construction: Each slide consists of a base with two tracks and a wheeled carriage that runs on the tracks. Light bungee cord tension keeps the carriage centered on the base.
  • Number needed: Slides are sold in pairs and spares. You’ll need two slides (a pair), to “float” one indoor rower: one slide each for the front and back legs. To create a team boat slide, you’ll need a pair plus a spare for each additional indoor rower you plan to connect. For example, to connect two indoor rowers, you’ll need three slides: a pair and a spare. To connect three indoor rowers, you’ll need four slides: two pairs.
  • Space needed
    • Sliding single (one indoor rower on a pair of slides)—11 ft x 4 ft (335 cm x 122 cm)
    • Team boats
      • Length required = (number of indoor rowers x 8.5 feet) + 3.5 feet
      • Length required = (number of indoor rowers x 259 cm ) + 107 cm
  • Level floor surface recommended
  • Compatibility
    • Sliding single—Models A, B, C, D or E Indoor Rowers
    • Team boat—Models C, D or E Indoor Rowers
  • Replacement parts available; call 800.245.5676 to order