FISA 2010 World Masters Rowing Regatta

Sep 09, 2010

Pete, Dick, Mike Strong and I spent much of the last week up in St. Catharines, Ontario, for the 2010 World Masters Rowing Regatta. Pete, Dick and I were all competing as well as working at the Concept2 oar service trailer, which meant that Mike was often left holding down the fort solo. Luckily, he’s an experienced “C2 roadie” and ably handled the load until we were back to help. Thanks, Mike! Continue Reading ›

An Update on the Dynamic Erg

Aug 18, 2010

We’re at the next step in the development of the Dynamic Erg: we’re assembling some pre-production prototypes!These machines are being constructed in the same way that we would build them in production—giving us a chance to decide whether any further refinements need to be made before production. In fact, we already have a few changes in mind such as handle hook design, part simplification, easier assembly, etc. Continue Reading ›


Aug 11, 2010

For some reason, the week of August 1 was a particularly tough week for me. Everyday tasks such as walking up one flight of stairs, watering the flowers or using multi-syllable words were enormously challenging. On Saturday, I went through my normal checklist to identify possible reasons why I felt so out of it…  Continue Reading ›

Your Chance to Try Biathlon!

Aug 02, 2010

I first tried the sport of Biathlon about ten years ago when my kids were learning it. I figured that if I was driving them an hour to the firing range twice a week, I might as well learn to shoot myself. I’ve even raced a few times—and done more than my share of penalty laps. I have great respect for good biathletes who are able to ski fast and come into the range and hit lots of targets. To read more about the sport and the US Biathlon team, visit Continue Reading ›

Our Trip to Belarus

Jul 30, 2010

I recently returned from a week-long trip to Belarus, of which a good half of the time was spent traveling or waiting in lines in the Polish-Belarussion border. You might well ask what prompted such a crazy trip. I went to watch the Under 23 World Rowing Championships in Brest, Belarus with Concept2 co-founder Dick Dreissigacker, who is also my husband. It was partly a business trip and partly a personal trip, as I’ll explain. Continue Reading ›


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