The C2 Garden: Growing for Rowing

Jun 07, 2010

Last year we planted vegetables instead of flowers in a few of the big planter buckets that greet visitors near the front entry.  It was fun, but just a token in terms of really feeding people. This year, the whole front “yard” of our newly-purposed (now inhabited by Engineering and R&D—more on this in another post) north building has been turned into a vegetable garden!  The plan is to improve Concept2’s landscaping with edibles that will be shared among employees. Credit for this good idea goes to Trevor (Tech Support & Engineering) and Stephen (Engineering), and various other people who stop by to pick rocks and pull weeds from time to time. Continue Reading ›

Welcome to the New Concept2 Blog!

May 24, 2010

Welcome to the new Concept2 Blog!  We’re excited to have this new way to communicate with all of you, our customers and friends. In fact, we’re wondering why we didn’t think of this sooner! Well, OK, maybe it’s because some of us are getting a little older. And it’s also because we’ve been busy. But enough excuses. We’re looking forward to sharing stories, information, workout ideas, C2 activities, personal insights, and probably also some tangentially related rambling, all to give you a better sense of who we are and how we spend our time.  This will be a shared blog, with writing coming from anyone here at C2 who has something that we think would be interesting to you. Authors will introduce themselves as they come along, so you will also get to “know” the C2 staff better. We plan to have at least one post per week; and we expect that there will be many weeks when we have much more than that to talk about. Stay tuned and check back often!To set the stage, here’s a little more about Concept2, our hometown, our state and our weather: Continue Reading ›


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