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Why I Use the Online Logbook and How it Helps

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Nov 21, 2017

As an overall competitive person, I like data. When I say “competitive,” I don’t mean I have been to the Olympics. I mean, I like to win, against myself or others. This competitiveness has helped me row, ski or ride pieces I am proud of on all three pieces of Concept2 equipment.

Tracking Data

I use the app ErgData, when rowing, to record all my data and sync it to my Online Logbook. I then compare and contrast workouts and train to set personal bests. Last winter, I was very focused on two goals: I wanted to break 8000 meters for a 30 minute row, and I wanted to row a sub-18 minute 5K. For a 29-year-old male, these times are respectable, but my name won’t be shared in any stories around the campfire. The main reason I’m sharing these times and charts from my online logbook is to show a glimpse of the real improvement I could see throughout my training, and how the accountability of the logbook helps me.


When you log into the logbook, you instantly see the last time you worked out. Was it this morning, one week ago, three weeks ago, one year? Having a place that is silently yelling at me “Go row!” keeps me on my toes. There’s a page with lifetime bests on each respective erg, including your season meters from previous years. You have the option to have a training partner (or more than one). This allows you to look at each other’s logbooks, create some friendly competition, and of course, offers accountability.


I mentioned the two pieces I was chasing, but I also had other goals that the online logbook helped me with. How many meters do you average daily? How many total meters, total time, and total days do you row, ski or ride? Last season I really wanted to row and ski a million meters. I also really wanted to mountain bike and hike—activities that got in the way of that goal. What’s great, though, is that the logbook breaks down meters by machine and by season. I’m already motivated this season to breach 200,000m for the Holiday Challenge, as well as focus on some endurance pieces on the BikeErg.


Whether you complete an online challenge, complete a million meters, or accomplish certain distances, Concept2 provides printable certficates for achievements. I was very excited when I skied a half-marathon. Seeing a certificate right away further validated my performance. Nobody at the gym knew what I was doing that day or why, but my online logbook knew and rewarded me for it.


Concept2 has many challenges throughout the year. When you log into the online logbook, these are available on the “Challenges” tab, and updates are on the right-hand side of your landing page. Upcoming challenges and your progress are shown. I personally find it very rewarding to upload my data, see progress, and get rewarded for completing challenges. For the Holiday Challenge, Concept2 donates $.02 for every 1000m performed over 100,000m, and $.04 for every 1000m over 200,000m. Participants who complete the various distances also receive pins. You can choose the charity you contribute to. I am excited and driven to go over 200,000m to donate to hurricane relief this Holiday Challenge.


The Online Logbook is a fantastic tool to help you stay motivated and on track with your goals. Whether you’re a first-time user hoping to just start out and be able to row for 10 minutes straight, set a World Record, or anywhere in between, the Logbook can be useful to you. Signing up is free, easy, and the rewards and achievements can pile up quickly!

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