We're One Week into the Holiday Challenge

Nov 29, 2012

Here are some facts and figures about this year’s challenge:

As more people get beyond 100k, the mercury will start to climb more quickly!

  • First, and most importantly, it’s NOT too late to join the fun! In fact, you can join any time before January 4, 2013—the deadline for entering your challenge meters.
  • There are 33 days in this year’s challenge. It’s a long one, because Thanksgiving was early this year. This should make it easier to reach your goals.
  • To reach 200k, you’ll need to average 6061 meters per day through the challenge period. To reach 100k, it’s just 3030 meters per day.
  • If you start today today (November 29), you’ll need to average 7692 meters a day to reach 200k and 3846 meters a day to reach 100k.
  • Remember that meters can be done on either the indoor rower or the SkiErg.
  • Here’s a progress report about one week into the challenge:
    • 3560 people had selected a charity
    • 241,950,654 meters had been rowed or skied
    • $701.20 had been raised
  • As more people get above 100k, the funds will begin to amass more quickly, since Concept2’s donation is doubled after 100k.

Last year, nearly 1.3 billion meters were rowed or skied. Let’s see if we can beat that this year!

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