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Jul 01, 2019

Concept2 ergs are supported by a wealth of technologies—some on the Performance Monitor, some online, and some through connections to other apps and devices.

On the Performance Monitor (PM): The PM5 is standard on every new erg. It’s the brains behind the machine, measuring your work output and workout performance automatically every time you row, ski or bike. The PM5 is what enables you to compare workout data from one day to another, and from one erg to another. It lets you set up a wide range of workout types and it stores your performance data for later analysis. In short, it offers you all the information you need to measure and track your training and your improvements. But, of course, in this age of technology, there are even more ways to connect, train, measure and record.

Online: The Concept2 Online Logbook is the hub of the Concept2 community, where you can track your workouts, find training partners, join a challenge and measure your progress against rankings. Many other training platforms also sync with our logbook, allowing you to organize your workout data in ways that work best for you.

Concept2 apps and accessories: ErgData, our free smartphone app, brings the power of the PM5 to your Concept2 Online Logbook account. ErgData provides even more options for workout data, and makes it really easy to upload your results to your Online Logbook, where further analysis of your data is automatically prepared and presented.

We offer a smartphone cradle that fits on the PM5 to keep your phone easily visible while you use ErgData. And to make it easier for you to watch a screen while you erg, we now offer tablet mounts for the RowErg and BikeErg.

For motivation and fun, check out our workout podcast—As the Flywheel Spins. You can find it on your smartphone through many popular podcast apps. Be led through a workout by our in-house trainer. Time will fly by and you’ll learn a lot about using our ergs in the process. 

Additional apps: There's also technology that originates from beyond Concept2—and there’s a wide and growing variety to choose from! We work to keep the PM5 compatible with the leading communication platforms, including ANT+ and Bluetooth, so that you can add the technology you want on your device of choice, from smartphones to watches and tablets. We also maintain a list of apps that work with the PM5 and our ergs. Whether you are looking for realistic video graphics, additional data and analysis, or just good entertainment—you can find it in an app.

For those interested in creating apps to use with the ergs and the PM5, we maintain a Software Development Kit for apps that run on a PC or Mac. You can also contact us for an iOS development kit for iPhone apps. We're happy to help!

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