Tour de SkiErg Wrap-up

Mar 04, 2011

Josh finishing the last race of the Tour de SkiErg.

Concept2’s Tour de SkiErg, which ended on February 28, saw a great increase in both participation and competition. Concept2’s Josh Carlson shares his experience and follows up on his February 18 post.

“The Tour de SkiErg is over and the results are in! I am both happy to be done with it, but also sad that it is over. The side competition I had with Mats was really fun and motivating, and in a sick way, I didn’t want it to end. My battle with Mats was really tight—less than two seconds overall separated us for the whole tour. The last event for me was really tough. After completing my 10K race first, I had showed all my cards and thought it was wide open for him to beat me. I even emailed Mats a picture of the t-shirt that I was sure I was going to have to send him. The 10K was tough for him too and, well, he is mailing ME a shirt! I have to admit that this was the hardest I have worked all winter!

The competition this year was much tougher this year than last. Last year, my efforts were good enough for second place. Although my overall result was a mere two-tenths of a second slower this year, it was only good enough for 11th place. A friend of Mats (another Swede) bounced me out of the top ten at the last minute. The overall winner for the Tour de SkiErg was Anders Brink from Mats’ club, MOOVE, in Sweden! Anders’ final was very impressive with an overall pace for all races of 1:45.6.

Mats hot on Josh’s tail all the way from Sweden.

The Tour de SkiErg was quite a success with more participants than last year and drawing some good competitors from ski power countries like Sweden, Norway and the US. I felt like I was right there next to these folks training and racing the whole time. The Tour de SkiErg is just another way the Concept2 Online Logbook forms bonds and creates camaraderie.

Congratulations to all the folks that endured the Tour de SkiErg this year. I can’t wait to race against my Swedish and Norwegian friends in 2012!”

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