#ThisIsMySport Week 2

Apr 07, 2015

We launched our #ThisIsMySport contest on April 1 and had plenty of great photos to choose from! Steph, our Graphic Designer, shares her favorites:


▪ Boats on a lake - You know how I feel ▪ #rowing

A photo posted by Rachel Serafy (@rachrows) on

If you didn't share your best photos yet, there're still chances to win! April 7–14, marketing team member Greg Hammond will be choosing the week's winners. Remember to tag your best #ThisIsMySport posts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. T-shirts, rowing schwag, and special prizes will be awarded.

This week's judge is Greg, who loves all things related to dirt bikes and Motorcycles. He has been CrossFitting since 2007.

About Greg

  • Brush with fame: Spent a weekend at Travis Pastrana's house while they filmed Nitro Circus Thrillbillies.
  • In the past 18 years: Has worked in three different positions within Concept2.
  • He's not a boxer: But he's been in the same boxing ring used by Ali and Liston in 1965.

Start sharing and tag your post with #ThisIsMySport to enter and win!

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