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Shipping Tips to Help with Timely Delivery

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Jan 27, 2022

We know our customers are eager to receive their new equipment and start exercising. When we ship via UPS and FedEx, we know our carriers are doing their best to deliver our products on time and in good shape. To ensure the easiest and fastest delivery of your machine, we’ve pulled together a few recommendations.

  1. Product is currently in stock! Please reference our shipping information for the best estimates of when orders will leave our factory in Vermont. All estimates are in business days, which do not include holidays or weekends. The “shipping date” is the date a package leaves our facility. “Delivery date” is the date the order is expected at your doorstep.
  2. Create free accounts at UPS (My UPS) or FedEx (“FedEx Delivery Manager”). Here you can increase visibility and control your shipments, such as noting preferences of where large boxes should be left.
  3. Please call us to place your order if you will be traveling and are trying to estimate a delivery date. Deliveries cannot be scheduled, but our team can best ensure that your package doesn’t arrive before you’ll be home.
  4. If one of the carriers is not able to ship to your location, please call us to place your order. We can assist to make sure the carrier you need is used.
  5. No signature is required! Concept2 packages will be left at the usual place where ground delivered are sent. The driver will not knock or notify you of delivery. If you need a signature required for your order, please call us to place your order.
  6. If you have a business/commercial address to ship to, shipping times and errors are often greatly reduced due to more consistent delivery routes. If you choose a business or commercial address, please include the name of the business (not just the street address) and the contact name of a person who will receive the delivery.
  7. If you notice a mistake in your order, please contact us immediately (phone will be faster than email) so we can correct your order before it ships. Once a package enters the carrier’s system, it can be difficult for changes to catch up to your package before it is delivered. Concept2 is not responsible for address typos on web orders, and additional costs may be incurred for address changes.
  8. Please watch your email (including your spam folder) for your tracking number. The tracking email will either come from or directly from UPS or FedEx. Tracking numbers are typically emailed to customers on the day their package ships or within the next business day (at latest). When you receive your tracking number, this indicates that your package has been picked up by the carrier and is en route to its final destination.
  9. Make it easy for your delivery person: Be sure your house is well marked, including unit and apartment numbers. In multi-unit buildings, please be sure there is an outside location for deliveries. The carriers are unlikely to bring boxes up flights of stairs. Drivers are instructed not to enter indoor locations; please do not ask them to put packages inside.
  10. If your tracking shows your order was delivered, but you didn’t receive it, check the neighborhood. We know you want your packages shipped to your house. Small errors may happen and the fastest remedy is to do a quick scan to see if your delivery is elsewhere in your neighborhood or on your property in an unexpected place.
  11. Tracking “pending”? Yes, the system is currently experiencing overloads. Truckloads can back up and packages will not scan for days as the system works through the backlog. We appreciate if you can be patient and wait 1-3 business days to see if there’s any movement.
  12. Check the weather nationwide. Cross-country deliveries, in particular, can be affected by any major weather pattern coast to coast. Items ship in surprising routes. If there’s a major weather event anywhere in the country, thank you for being patient.
  13. Multiple box shipments will often get separated during delivery. We recommend waiting a delivery day to see if your package arrives. The additional box(es) will likely arrive within 1-2 business days.
  14. If your package arrives with damage, please take photos of the boxes. If Concept2 needs to make a claim, this information is very helpful. Your product is all covered under warranty, so please let us know if there is damage and we’ll be happy to assist.

We’re thankful to our UPS and FedEx carriers who are hardworking people trying their best under a COVID-stressed system. Our team works closely with these providers to ship large packages at competitive rates. Thank you for working with us to ensure your order arrives swiftly.

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