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Season 2 of the Concept2 Workout Podcast is Here!

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Sep 09, 2019

Concept2 trainer Cady leads a group BikeErg class
Concept2 trainer and podcast host Cady leads the first known group BikeErg class

"As the Flywheel Spins," the Concept2 workout podcast, delivers much more than just a workout. Through careful coaching, Cady (your host and Concept2 trainer) teaches about technique, understanding your power output, how to work with the Performance Monitor as a true training partner, and developing your own power and skills on the Concept2 erg.

Season one, which launched in December of 2018, focused primarily on the RowErg® with a new episode every week. In this new season, Cady will continue to bring you a new RowErg workout each week. The big change is that she is adding workouts on the Concept2 BikeErg® and SkiErg®. These two ergs will alternate weeks—but you can always go back and find an episode when you need workout inspiration!

We've heard great feedback from podcast listeners. Are you in need of motivation? Education? Inspiration?

"Your Podcast has totally revolutionised both my rowing and my exercise as a whole...I have spend [sic] about 25 years rowing in various UK gyms. I’ve always cranked the damper up to 10 (because that’s obviously the hardest!), pressed ‘Just Row’ and then gone as hard and fast as possible for 30 minutes. It certainly got my heart going, and I’m sure was better than sitting on the sofa.

"In December I was finally able to buy my own Model E rower...The Podcast has since changed everything. It’s been a true education. I've actually now got a technique. I understand all the ways you can use the monitor. Interval training has been a revelation. I know what the damper does. I really understand my body and how it relates to its fitness. Most importantly rowing is now more fun. Although I’m rowing longer, harder sessions, they actually feel shorter. Your Podcast has knocked down the psychological wall of boredom with which I always wrestled."

Or maybe you want to get a group working out on the ergs together with Cady coaching you over the gym speakers:

"I row on a masters team...and really like your podcasts. There is a posse of us that ergs on the off days and at least once a week we erg to your podcast. I have always programmed the workouts on the monitor, but am learning a lot of fun about ways to use it!"

Listen in below as one of Cady's teammates, Jennifer, spent some time talking to her about her goals with the podcast, what inspires her to keep creating new workouts, and what to expect in season two. Hot tip: we have a special workout coming out the week of The Head Of The Charles® Regatta. Stay tuned—it will be EXTRA spicy!

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