The Sandy Ergs

Dec 07, 2012

As coincidence would have it, a New Zealand-bound container of indoor rowers shipped from Concept2 just days before Hurricane Sandy made landfall along the US eastern seaboard. The container had time to make it to the Port of New York and was staged for loading—and sitting near the bottom of the stack—when Sandy hit. Sandy made quick work of flooding everything in her path, including those staged shipping containers...

When the flooded container arrived back in Vermont, we discovered that the first layer of ergs in the container had been submerged. While inspecting the ergs, we found that the drive mechanisms, other steel parts, and electronics were completely destroyed by the salt water and sediment. To make sure these damaged ergs did not make their way to customers, there was but one decision to be made: the ergs must be destroyed. A flurry of activity ensued unboxing machines and prepping them for recycling, which pretty much meant throwing them into a dumpster bound for the recycling plant. Ergs in a dumpster...not a typical sight at Concept2!

Heap of doomed ergs

Upon delivery to the recycling plant, the doomed ergs were piled in a heap, then transported by boom-mounted grapple to every machine's nemesis: THE CRUSHER. A brick of ergs emerged, ready for the next step in the recycling process.

And so transpired the demise of what became known at Concept2 as "the Sandy ergs." They will never see a 2k time, alas, nor a drop of sweat. But they made for some interesting events at Concept2!

To the crusher with you!

A brick of ergs. Something to envision the next time you feel destroyed by your C2 workout?

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