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Redesigned Concept2 Utility Now Available

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Nov 11, 2016

The Concept2 Utility is free software that allows you to keep the firmware on your Performance Monitor up to date and manage the workout data on your USB flash drive or Concept2 LogCard. You can also upload your workout data to your Online Logbook at

We’re excited to announce that a redesigned version of the Concept2 Utility is now available! Features include:

  • A totally new, user friendly, touchscreen capable interface
  • The sending of split data as well as summary information to the Online Logbook
  • The ability to convert monitors from use on indoor rowers to SkiErgs and vice versa; and to perform some monitor diagnostics
  • Usability with screen readers for those with visual impairment

Now it’s easier than ever to keep your Performance Monitor up to date. To use the Concept2 Utility to update your firmware you will need:

  • To install the utility on your computer. Here are the links to download the utility for both Mac and PC.
  • A USB cable to connect the PM to your computer or a USB flash drive (PM5 only)

Step-by-step instructions for downloading, plus video, are available here. We also encourage you to check out the How to Use section on our website, which walks you through many common functions.

To use the Utility to manage your workout data, you will also need one of the following depending on your situation:

  • USB flash drive with results stored on it
  • PM5 with results in Memory, and a USB cable
  • LogCard and some means of reading the LogCard which could be:
    A PM3 or PM4 and a USB cable, or an external card reader

Visit for system requirements and more details.

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