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Ready to Give Indoor Rowing a Try?

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Aug 31, 2012

Ahhh, rowing in the Olympics. Ballet on water. Power and grace on display with every stroke. Nothing short of inspiring.

You want some of that?

We’re not all Olympic-level athletes, but all of us can get a piece of that feeling of synchronicity, and that athletic look, regardless of our age or starting fitness level.

You can’t beat the Concept2 Indoor Rower for ease of access and non-impact, total-body fitness. It’s the machine that Olympians and other competitive rowers use for their training and testing, and even if the Olympics aren’t in your future, you can build your fitness on the exact same machines the athletes do.

Rowing ClassReady to give it a try? Concept2 machines are found at fitness facilities, CrossFit boxes and boathouses across the world; the Concept2 Indoor Rower Finder is a great place to find one in your area.

Rowing classes taught by Concept2 approved indoor rowing instructors are your best bet for starting off on the right foot or perfecting your technique. Certified instructors have demonstrated their ability to teach the rowing stroke, and do it in a way that is safe, effective, and most of all fun!

You can find a certified instructor on our website, and if the Olympics inspired you to want to get certified yourself, you can take our Indoor Rowing Foundations course, which UCanRow2 offers around the US.

Want to jump into a class? Here are some of the many places where you'll find group rowing:

RowFit Chicago—Chicago, IL
Rowbot Fitness—Atlanta, GA
Greenville Indoor Rowing—Greenville, SC
Colorado Athletic Club Monaco—Denver, CO
Rowland Indoor Rowing—Juno Beach, FL
Flywheel Fitness—Austin, TX
Club One—San Francisco area
The JCC of Dallas—Dallas, TX

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