Pulling Through the Holiday Challenge

Dec 09, 2013

We haven't quite reached the halfway point of the Holiday Challenge, so there is still time to join us in keeping fit this holiday season!

Here at Concept2, the workout room is busy with both CrossFit classes and active Holiday Challenge participants. Last week, our CrossFit instructors included a rowing/skiing workout in the mix, which was a great way to add up meters! We rowed 10 minutes of 1' on/1' off; for the "on" we rowed at a faster pace, a bit harder than it is possible to comfortably talk. The "off" minute is either a rest or light rowing. If you are interested in setting up intervals, here are the instructions for the PM3 (same for the PM4). This workout can be adjusted for those aiming for a longer workout: Try 20 minutes of 2' on/2' off (it will be a total of 5 rounds).

While the 100k and 200k challenges can be divided up into daily "homework" of average meters, keep in mind that you can break up your workout any way that fits. Some days, it may work best to row a challenging 5k or 10k. Other days, row leisurely to a holiday television special or movie. Or break up your day with multiple sessions: a 5k in the morning and a 5k in the afternoon!

A few favorite workout strategies we've been trying this year:

  • Row in between gift wrapping. It keeps you alert while accomplishing this task!
  • Break up your daily meters into segments. For those aiming for approximately 5k a day, try: 500 meter warm-up, 1 x 2k, 2 x 1k, and then a 500 meter cool down. Add additional intervals if you are aiming for 10k per day.
  • "Bank" meters by adding an extra 500 or 1000 meters each day to your daily average. Over time, this will earn you an exra day off!
  • Mix in skiing with rowing. If you have a SkiErg and indoor rower available, try alternating between the two machines for a complementary workout. Meters on both machines count!

We've heard from many of you on Facebook and Twitter; Keep up those great Holiday Challenge workouts! Your meters also help raise money on behalf of great organizations, so don't forget to choose who you are rowing for so that we can direct your funds to the proper place. You can choose you preferred organization on the front page (right-hand side) of your Online Logbook.

Happy Holiday Challenging!

The Concept2 Crew

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