Olympic Games come to Brazil in 2016

Feb 25, 2011

The Opening Ceremony for London’s Olympic Games is only 520 days away, but there are plenty of people preparing for 1990 days from now in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I recently visited Rio de Janeiro for a few days and met with former National Rowing Champion Sergio Alemao, his wife Christina and their daughter Suellen who run the Concept2 dealership there. Sergio was a single sculler in the 1980s in Brazil and raced against rowers like Kolbe and Karpinnen. He is still competing in master races and his main focus, besides the Concept2 business, is to help the Brazilian Rowing Federation develop the sport of rowing in Brazil.

I do encourage all potential future Olympic rowers—COME TO RIO. Even if you are still young and can’t imagine (yet) being an Olympic participant, come anyhow. Take a look at this photo, which shows the Olympic Regatta Course in the middle of Rio and a few blocks away from the coolest beaches on earth. You might switch over to “I need to come to Rio mode.” It might be a good visual on which to set your rowing goals.

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