November in Vermont

Nov 21, 2012

In Vermont, we've turned toward stick season: the time of year after our autumn blaze has gone out and when we wait for winter snows to blanket the land. The trees are bare, and although the ski runs are white on the mountain tops, the valleys are still green. The hard morning frosts set our surroundings aglow—a harbinger, we hope, of the snowy winter to come—and the crisp morning air takes sunrise glory to a whole new level.

Stick season is the quiet time before the holidays rush in, where we hunker by the wood stove and enjoy savory soups and stews after finishing the last of the outside chores. And, of course, it's the season of one of our most cherished holidays: Thanksgiving!

Many of us, like you, have already begun readying the house and prepping the first few dishes, while the travelers in the bunch are packing their bags for the journey to come. And while many of the same activities are happening in households across the country, we also honor those special traditions shared by our family and friends: watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (maybe while knocking off the first Holiday Challenge meters!), playing an afternoon game of touch football, volunteering at a local food shelf, catching the last few days of hunting season or maybe taking a long walk with family or friends. In this ever-changing landscape of modern life, it's a joy to slow down and savor a slow-cooked meal with our loved ones, uphold traditions passed down the generations, and create new traditions to share.

So, while we await our winter snows and take pause before the busy December season, we hope that you, too, can find a moment of rest in your neck of the woods and enjoy all that stick season has to offer.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving,
From all of us at Concept2

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