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Notes From the Road: 2018 World Rowing Championships, Bulgaria

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Sep 07, 2018

Matthias Zink of Concept2 Germany.

The end of the international rowing circuit is culminating at the 2018 World Rowing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, with racing September 9-16. With over 900 athletes from 62 countries set to compete over eight days, there will be lots of exciting racing to watch!

Our Concept2 crew, with the regatta service trailer in tow, arrived early to assist athletes with rental oars and to make any needed oar repairs for racing. The crew will be on hand for the duration of the regatta. Each summer season, we make the rounds (in no particular order) to the three World Cups, European Championships, U23 championship, Junior Championships, and the World Championships. Most seasons we also finish our “tour” at the World Masters—this year it’s in Sarasota, Florida, September 27-30.

Between international events, the service trailer stays at our offices in Hamburg, Germany, so all trips begin and end from there. We also have an identical trailer in Vermont that we use when traveling to most of the US races on our regatta service schedule.

Fuel for the road!

This year’s road trip from Hamburg to Plovdiv was over 24 hours of driving, but our trusty cohorts, Bob and Matthias, arrived with no issues thanks to their “fuel of choice”: road snacks. Other than arriving and setting up in the typical hot and humid weather of this time of year, everything is going as planned—we’re working on lots of oars and staying well-fed since the service trailer is conveniently located next to the onsite pizza place!

There are many exciting races to watch, so check back often with our industry partners for live streaming and photos:

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Our Bob Beeman and Ireland's Mark O'Donovan (M2-).

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