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No Time Like the Present

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Apr 09, 2020

Have you been meaning to sign up for your Online Logbook or check out our As the Flywheel Spins Podcast? Or maybe you've been curious about our free app, ErgData, but just never had the time to dig a bit deeper? Now that we're all in this strange, new world of self-isolation and social distancing, maybe there's an opportunity here to learn about all the motivational and unique ways to get the most out of your Concept2 equipment.

From monthly online challenges to our blog that's filled with workout and training tips (and more!), you'll find inspiration and support without leaving your home. Check out all of the resources available to you at

When you just don't want to think about what workout you should do, try the Workout of the Day that can be delivered to your email box each day. There are a short, medium and long options for the RowErg and SkiErg. Sign up.

Here's a short RowErg workout for today:

4 x 1000m / 2 minutes easy
Row four 1000 meter pieces. Row for two minutes at light pressure between each 1000.

When you join the Concept2 community you'll never erg alone. Even when you are. Have fun!

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