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Model D vs. Dynamic: 2k Tests with Peter Dreissigacker

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Sep 01, 2011

I am looking ahead to the indoor training season and realize that more people will be training on our newest indoor rower, the Dynamic erg, this winter. Comparing scores between the Model D and the Dynamic erg is the subject of speculation. The flywheel and monitor components are identical on the Model D and Dynamic, but the athlete may row differently on each. The results experienced may be unexpected.

There have been numerous anecdotal comments as to the relative scores on each erg, ranging from “it is easy for me to get fast splits on the Dynamic” to “it’s going to be much harder to row a good 2k time on the Dynamic.” A few weeks ago, I proposed a test to see what I could do for a 2k on both a Model D and Dynamic.

My last serious attempt was a 6:54 at the CRASH-Bs. I rowed a 2k on the Dynamic, clocking a 7:04, which I thought was ok given I have not been prepping for the distance. The next week I rowed a 2k on the Model D in 7:01. I rowed these at the stroke rates that felt most appropriate for each machine: 28 to 32 for the Model D and 33 to 36 on the Dynamic. Two weeks after my initial 2k test, I was back on the Dynamic with a 6:58.

My next 2k will be an attempt to beat 6:58 on the Model D, which might take some doing without the CRASH-B crowd encouragement. All in all, it appears that I am able to achieve very close to the same score on each erg. That being said, I have had the opportunity to do most of my training this spring and summer on the Dynamic and have noticed a learning curve even at sub-max effort levels. If this test is any indication, I suspect athletes will initially feel the Dynamic is harder to score well on, but with use they will find little, if any, difference compared with the Model D.

If you have a Dynamic Indoor Rower, please comment or send us your results on comparing your times between ergs.

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