Join us at the Head of the Charles, October 22–23

Sep 22, 2011

Concept2 Founders Peter and Dick Dreissigacker rowing with the Motley Rowing Club at the Head of the Charles

The Head of the Charles is a month away! As crews are busy training for head races, we’re in our own endurance event here at Concept2 CTS preparing for the largest two-day regatta in the world.

The Head of the Charles regatta is as much a festival as it is a competition, with rowers and spectators from all over the world descending upon Boston. If you’ve never watched a regatta before, the Head of the Charles is a fun one to watch. There are many bridges from which you can cheer and plenty of entertainment and tents (such as Concept2 CTS) to visit along the river.

“Head races” are time trials, where crews set off from the starting line 10 to 15 seconds apart, racing the clock and navigating competitors. The crews’ bows are numbered by speed order, so spectators can watch and see if boats passing one another are moving up in the rankings. Athletes don’t know how they’ve fared when they cross the line; results are anxiously awaited as all crews in a boat class finish and times are tallied.

The Charles River is an especially difficult course to navigate with many turns and bridges. Each year there are collisions, which are a nightmare for athletes and coxswains, but offer more drama than a typical Olympic 2000 meter course. The Eliot Bridge is an especially dicey turn, often requiring starboard oarsmen in larger boats to pull the boat around. Adept navigation of the Charles River can make a big difference in your placement.

Concept2 CTS will be beyond the Eliot Bridge, watching crews as they make a big push for the finish. Our tent is located at the Finish Area Launching Site (FALS), across from the Rowing & Fitness Expo. We will be providing Regatta Service for competitors’ oars on site; please call in advance if you have specific repairs in mind so we can best serve you.

Come visit to learn about our latest products: the Dynamic Indoor Rower, the Dynamic Link and the Skinny. Per usual, we’ll be giving out some of our much-sought-after lip balm. We’ll have Vermont apples from Champlain Orchards again this year as a healthy treat to keep you fueled up!

Equipment used on site will be available for purchase at a reduced rate. Please call to place your order.

You never know what kind of weather to expect in Boston in late October, so we bring both our shorts and our winter jackets. We’re busy packing the van and loading up the trailer. See you there!

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