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Indoor Training for the Outdoor Seasons

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Apr 25, 2018

The snow is finally melting so we can "row" outdoors!

We’ll be the first to admit that when the weather is nice we'd rather be outdoors than inside working out. Concept2 employees are active outside year-round in all kinds of weather skiing, running, mountain biking, paddling, road cycling, hiking… and rowing! We encourage you to spend some time outdoors, too. But there are good reasons to keep in touch with your favorite indoor workouts in spring and summer.

Keep Track of Your Fitness

Thanks to the Performance Monitor, all of our ergometers—row, ski and bike—give you reliable, repeatable measures of your fitness. This is something that may be harder to assess in the unpredictability of the great outdoors. Choose a few of your favorite workouts or test pieces and repeat them every few weeks throughout the summer to see how you’re doing.

Don’t Lose Touch

It will be easier to start back up in the fall if you have kept a little bit of indoor rowing, skiing or riding in your summer workout "menu". Even just once a week will help to keep it familiar.

Specific Strength/Workouts

Certain erg workouts may be difficult to duplicate with your outdoor options. For example, if you are relatively new to sculling on the water, you may not be ready for high intensity intervals in the boat quite yet. Do them on the indoor rower instead. If you’re a skier trying to improve your double-poling power, you may find the SkiErg to be the best way to do that unless you have the perfect uphill road for roller-skiing. And if you don’t have the road terrain you want for a certain cycling interval session, you can always do it on the BikeErg.


If there’s too much traffic on the roads, too many wakes on the lake, or not enough daylight, the erg can be just the thing. Stay safe and still get a great workout.


Our free Online Challenges continue year-round. Take advantage of the longest day of the year and join the Summer Solstice Challenge. Or, the Dog Days of Summer Challenge in August provides you with weekly distance goals, combining both indoor and (some) outdoor meters!

Really Bad Weather

Ok, we consider ourselves pretty tough, and we have been known to venture out in all kinds of weather, but there are times when it’s best to be smart and stay indoors. Severe thunderstorm warnings come to mind, for one. Extreme heat can be dangerous, too. Luckily, the worst weather is perfect weather for erg workouts. And if the power goes out, you’ll still be able to see your backlit PM5!

And finally, you can always move your erg outside! Simply roll it outdoors to combine the best of both worlds.


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