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HYROX: The Competition for Every Body

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Aug 23, 2019

Martin Stridde of Concept2 Germany participates in his first HYROX competition.

Martin Stridde at his first HYROX competition.

Concept2 is excited to be a sponsor of HYROX, "a premium fitness competition for Every Body," coming to the US in October, after a successful run of events in Germany the last few years.

The race is structured around eight workouts with a 1k run in between each movement. All athletes compete on the same course in an indoor arena, and you can take part as either an individual or on a team of two. Participants wear a timing chip so you’ll get your individual time as well as the ability to compare your time through a global ranking on the HYROX website. The top finishers in each age group get the opportunity to compete in the 2020 HYROX World Championships event in Berlin. Our German colleague Martin Stridde has taken part in two HYROX competitions and has offered his account of the experience:

“In 2017 I participated in my first HYROX competition. This competition has it all. At the time, I knew exactly—at least theoretically—what I was getting involved in: eight rounds of a 1k run and, in between each run, a power-consuming workout. As a Concept2 employee, I knew two of the workouts well: 1000 meters each on the indoor rower and the SkiErg. In hindsight, I think I could have, or should have, trained more. But just as it is, the day has only 24 hours and I'm a typical victim of the "not-having-time generation." I started to train about three months before the competition. Rowing and SkiErg—piece of cake. But 80 meters broad jump burpees? Sled push with a monster weight? And then 100 wall balls at the end? Oh dear. And with my body weight of 234 lb and 6 foot, 5 inch height?

Back to competition day: I am waiting with about 20 guys (all between 40 and 50 years old) in a huge exhibition hall for the competition to get started. Nervous, tense and serious faces. And then it starts: a 1k run around the HYROX workout area, then 1000 meters on the SkiErg. Easy. Then another 1k run. What is my heart rate actually doing? Already 160 bpm? Really? Now to the sled push. It is a workout that I had not trained for before. What a big mistake. The heart rate of 160 bpm before seemed to be like a joke, compared to what I am feeling now. After the 2 x 25 meters sled push it is feels like it must be over 200 bpm. And I have something like jelly in my legs where I thought I had muscles.

The next 1k I spend more time walking than running. Then the 2 x 25 meter sled pull. Wow. That works well. Easy. Run again, then 80 meter burpee broad jumps. Every single ounce of my 234 lb body thrown down to the ground, gets up and then jumps forward as far as possible. My heart rate? I would rather not know. The 1k run afterwards feels like a short break. Before the 200 meter farmer's carry (carrying heavy weights from point A to point B), row for another 1000 meters. In between, of course, a 1k run. Before the second to last exercise comes 100 meters of lunges with a 10kg sandbag on my shoulders. Somehow, I get over this one and on to the last round of running. And now the 'dessert,' the final exercise of 100 wall balls. In front of me, a crowd of cheering people push me through the wall balls. To my left and right, I see my fellow combatants. Good thing that I'm not alone. A referee counts my repetitions. After what felt like an eternity, the redeeming numbers come: 97, 98, 99, 100. Only a few more meters to the finishing line. Finished. Done.

Was it was fun? YES! After the competition I was just happy that I made it (time of 1 hour, 21 minutes and 36 seconds).

Was it all worth it? YES!

Would I do it again? YES! (I participated in 2018 and will again this year.)

Would I recommend HYROX to others? YES!


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If you need a fitness goal and you are reasonably fit, then register for one of the HYROX competitions. This is a great opportunity to get your friends, your gym members, your training partners or team members all out to a competition where everyone can participate. There are several US locations—Miami, New York, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles in 2019 and 2020.

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