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Holiday Challenge Meters While on the Road

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Dec 16, 2019

The Holiday Challenge is helpful motivation during a busy time of year, but can also be difficult to complete when you’re away from your “usual” ergs. Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, here are some ways to get your meters in no matter where you are!

  1. Find us! Our Indoor Rower Finder, SkiErg Finder and BikeErg Finder can help you find public locations with our equipment. We recommend calling in advance to see if you can use a machine (policies vary by location). Some locations may have only older models available, but all meters count! It doesn’t matter if you exercise on an old Model A or a brand new BikeErg. Every minute of exercise counts towards the challenge (and your fitness!).
  2. Check in with the nearest gym. Even if the location isn’t listed in one of our Erg Finders, local YMCAs, hotels and CrossFit boxes often have our equipment. A few larger gym chains will reliably have Concept2 machines available: 24 Hour Fitness, Lifetime Fitness and Anytime Fitness, to name just a few. And if you find a facility that should be included in our Erg Finders, send an email to and we'll add it.
  3. Join a class! Concept2 ergs can be found in many group fitness classes. Whether you join an indoor rowing class or you SkiErg during a CrossFit WOD, these meters count for all Concept2 challenges.
  4. Exercise with a friend. Ask friends and relatives if they have guest passes for their gym or fitness club. There are often holiday specials offered at facilities looking to recruit new members. Give a new gym a try, whether it’s in your hometown or away!
  5. Take us with you. If you own your own Concept2 Indoor Rower, SkiErg or BikeErg, consider traveling with your equipment in tow. While this may not be realistic when flying, certainly the Model D separates easily and fits in many compact cars. Since Concept2 ergs don’t require an additional power source, you can even take workout breaks along your road trips! (This may seem far-fetched, but we’ve received feedback from quite a few long-haul truck drivers who stay fit in this way!)

When using gym equipment or borrowing from a friend, we recommend exercising some simple erg etiquette:

  • Call ahead. We recommend contacting facilities in advance and asking questions such as: What is available and for how long? What costs are involved? Will there be waivers I need to sign?
  • Share! Many facilities have time limits on using machines. In many Concept2 challenges, we’re looking to rack up lots of meters. You can expect that you may need to adjust your workout if others are waiting a turn.
  • Be a resource. If others ask about Concept2 equipment, training or technique, help be a resource for the community.
  • Repairs. If you notice that a machine needs repair, be sure to let someone know. Our machines are easy and inexpensive to service but can sometimes be overlooked in a busy facility. Equipment owners are encouraged to call us so we can help troubleshoot problems and keep our machines working properly.
  • Clean up. Be sure to always wipe down equipment after use. This includes all points of contact with the athlete: seat, handles, grips, Performance Monitor buttons. (Be sure not to spray the Performance Monitor directly, as moisture can be harmful to the electronics. Use a damp cloth instead.)
  • Give thanks. We’re thankful so many facilities and individuals allow our avid athletes to row, ski and ride with them. Simply saying “thanks” to trainers, managers and equipment owners goes a long way.

There are still people joining the Holiday Challenge every day, so spread the word! If we reach 20,000 participants, Concept2 will add $20,000 to the total amount raised. It's simple, just choose your preferred charity in your online logbook to let us know you're joining. Let’s make this goal together!

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