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Holiday Challenge 2022 Starts November 24

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Nov 15, 2022

The Holiday Challenge is our most popular individual challenge and this year marks its twenty-third year! It’s a win-win proposition: The Holiday Challenge keeps you motivated and fit through the hectic holidays, and benefits a number of worthy non-profit organizations.

The challenge runs from American Thanksgiving through midnight on Christmas Eve. (This year, the dates are November 24 to December 24—that's 31 days total). Row, ski or ride 100k on the Concept2 RowErg, SkiErg or BikeErg (combined meters count!) during the challenge and Concept2 will donate $.02 per kilometer (1000 meters) to your choice of this year's charities. Once you get beyond 100k, we'll donate $.04 per additional kilometer. Note: BikeErg meters are counted as half when applied to the challenge.

Since 2008, and with your help, we have contributed nearly $500,000 to organizations addressing a range of social issues—locally, nationally and globally. We have selected the following organizations for this year’s Holiday Challenge:

Prytula Foundation
Through the course of the Ukraine war, we have been working closely with our Concept2 reseller in Ukraine to guide us toward the best ways to be supportive and at the best time. This has meant general humanitarian support, and equipment support to their rowing teams. We thought it would be appropriate to have a Ukraine-specific organization on our list this year and are appreciative of advice from folks “on the ground” in Ukraine.

Clean Air Fund*
Over seven million people die every year due to air pollution. The Clean Air Fund works with governments, funders, businesses and campaigners to deliver clean air for all as fast as possible.

Global Fund for Women
Women’s issues of all kinds remain an international problem with a lot more work to be done. The Global Fund for Women provides funding and resources to women-focused organizations and projects that support gender equity and equality worldwide. We offer this choice on behalf of women everywhere.

American Council of the Blind
Throughout the development of our free app, ErgData, we have worked closely with members of the American Council of the Blind. Their assistance has helped us achieve our goal of making ErgData as usable as possible for the visually impaired.

Vermont Parks Forever
We always choose one local Vermont charity to support. Our employee-led Donations Team helps make the choice. This year, we will support Vermont Parks Forever in their work to increase outdoor access and educational activities at Vermont’s state parks, to inspire a new generation of environmentalists.

It’s your choice! If you can’t decide on which organization to choose, you can allow Concept2 to allocate your meters across all five charity options. Or, you can opt not to support any of the charities. See full challenge details on the Holiday Challenge web page.

Happy Holiday Challenge!

* Note: We originally had Greenpeace as one of our charity options this year. After speaking to Greenpeace, we found they do not accept donations via businesses, so we are not able to continue with them as a choice for this year's Holiday Challenge. We have therefore replaced them with the Clean Air Fund.

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