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Holiday Challenge 2019: Erg for Climate Action

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Nov 18, 2019

The Concept2 Holiday Challenge was born 20 years ago as a way to encourage people to stay motivated and healthy during the hectic holiday season. In 2008 we added a charitable giving component to the challenge: Concept2 donates money to selected charities based on your accumulated challenge meters. It’s been a huge success thanks to all of your efforts. Together we have contributed over $340,000 to charities addressing issues ranging from the environment, clean water, hunger, poverty, disaster relief, early education and women’s issues—both globally and locally. 

This year’s Concept2 Holiday Challenge will focus on climate action—supporting a selection of organizations working to raise awareness of, and promote solutions to, the growing global challenge of climate change. Choose from any of the following organizations to be the beneficiary of your BikeErg, RowErg or SkiErg meters:

It’s your choice! If you can’t decide on which organization to choose, you can allow Concept2 to allocate your meters; or, you can opt not to support any of the charities. See full details on how your meters will count toward the charitable giving options.

Special Challenge This Year

This will be the 20th Concept2 Holiday Challenge! To recognize this milestone, we will be offering a special incentive: If we can reach a total of 20,000 people participating in the challenge, Concept2 will add an additional $20,000 to the total raised. So, please share this information with your friends, family and teammates. Let's make this goal together!

Challenge Time is Short!

The Holiday Challenge runs from American Thanksgiving (November 28) through December 24. Thanksgiving is late this year, which means you have fewer days than usual to complete the challenge! To help you make your goal, we’ve put together a daily calendar of workouts to keep you on target. You can do it!

Use ErgData to Keep your Logbook Up to Date

One of the cool features of our free app ErgData is the ability to upload your workout data from the Performance Monitor right to your Online Logbook. This makes it so easy to track your Holiday Challenge meters. Here's how.

Happy Holiday Challenge!

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