Florida Rowed Trip

Jan 16, 2013

As snow falls in the northeast and lakes freeze, many collegiate teams take advantage of their schools’ winter breaks and head south to bury their blades in the water before launching into months of indoor training. The Concept2 crew of Pat and Meredith are meeting up with coaches in Florida this week, answering their equipment and training questions before the competitive spring season of racing begins.

Concept2 oars filling the training area.

Winter training trips usually consist of long, steady-state rowing, often at low stroke ratings such as 16 or 18 spm. Coaches focus on technique, stroke sequence, power application, and strength. Twice-a-day sessions not only help rowers build calluses, but the isolated focus on training, without the interruptions of studying, can really bond a team. Not that the training completely isolates the athletes: this morning while riding along in a coach launch, Meredith spotted a pod of porpoises swimming alongside the rowing shell! Here in Cocoa Beach (Pat and Meredith’s first stop), rowers can also enjoy time in between practices at the beach or visiting the local attractions, such as the famous Ron Jon’s Surf Shop.

Pat Brown loads Skinnys before heading out for another demo.

Coaches are eager to test the Skinny shaft with their crews, and we’re eager to help. Whether under the Florida sun or over the phone, we’re always happy to try to find the best fit for your crew. If you spot our Concept2 truck driving around Orlando, give a honk and wave hello!

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