Final Check List for CRASH-Bs

Feb 10, 2012

The CRASH-B Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championship is nearly here! Besides cramming in some last minute workouts, it is never too early to start packing your bags and preparing mentally.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, here are some ideas to get you ready for race day:

1. Pack early. By now, you should have an idea of what you’re going to wear on race day. Practice in this outfit to make sure that it doesn’t chafe or ride up. Plan what footwear you will bring. A quick packing list:

  • Warm-up clothes
  • Rowing shorts/t-shirt/uni for racing
  • Footwear for rowing
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks or special food
  • Race plan
  • Towel and toiletries for a post-race shower (free at Agganis Arena)
  • Good luck charms

2. At the CRASH-Bs, you’re allowed to bring a personal coxswain to your indoor rower for your race. There will also be a volunteer on hand to record your time (as a backup to the automatic timing system). If you would like to bring a coxswain or supporter, try to commit them early (and not on race day) for both your peace of minds.

Together, you should decide where and when you’ll meet for your race and discuss your race strategy. Some rowers like exuberant coxswains while others prefer just knowing there is someone looking over their shoulder who may say a few words towards the finish. Write down your goals and race plan for your coxswain and give him or her an idea of how closely you plan to follow it, so adjustments can be made on the fly. Writing down your race plan helps both of you to commit. Let your coxswain know if there are particular phrases that help you when you start to hurt.

3. Hydrate and eat. Competitors and spectators are not allowed to bring food into Agganis Arena, so plan accordingly. There are concessions available within the arena, but this might not be what works best for you before your race. In the last few weeks before the event, experiment with foods that are easily available at take-out establishments and restaurants (bagels, sandwiches, etc.). There are options within walking distance of the arena or you may want to plan your meals around your travel to the venue.

4. Row your own race. The CRASH-Bs creates a lot of excitement, but focus on yourself. It is unlikely that you’ll know the rower next to you and what his or her race plan is, so stick to your own pace and stroke rate. Just because it is a big event doesn’t mean it is everyone’s best event. Whether you make your goal or not, enjoy the shared camaraderie in the exhaustion of an all-out 2k.

5. Stay flexible. Anything can happen on race day—heat times may change, something unexpected might happen on the indoor rower next to you, or the weather could delay getting you to the arena in time for your usual warm-up. Have confidence that you’ve done the training. It would take a lot to undo the hard work you’ve put in, so take a deep breath, relax and Attention…ROW!

The CRASH-B website is full of information on rules, regulations, what to expect on the Performance Monitor, and more. Be sure to check it out to reduce the number of surprises on race day.

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