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Eric Murray: Dynamic 2k vs. Model E 2k

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Mar 05, 2012

Eric Murray

It is not easy to find athletes willing to do a maximum effort 2k on the Dynamic Indoor Rower then turn around and do it again on a Model D or E in the same season, but we are gathering as much information as people are willing to share on how times compare between the types of machines. Fortunately for us, Eric Murray of the New Zealand pair did just that with a 2k on the Dynamic Indoor Rower in January and then on a Model E last weekend at a New Zealand team test. Eric has been an early adopter of the Dynamic erg and has had about as much time on it as anyone.

Here is an excerpt from his email reporting his results: 

“It was a good test, although I should have maybe gone a little bit quicker over the first kilometer. I sub-splitted the test and managed to hit out a 5:42.0. So going from that, maybe the Dynamic (5:41.8 in January) and the Model E are pretty similar! May the debate continue! Rating wise, I was probably two points lower on the Model E but with very similar numbers.”

The impressive times would have to indicate an all-out effort in both cases. And I would have to agree that this would also indicate the two machines result in similar scores. 

This was not always the feeling, which only adds to the idea that you need to learn how to row the Dynamic efficiently to score well. The following is from Eric’s November 2010 email after just starting to train on the Dynamic:

“…We can hit our numbers (on the Dynamic) but it really just takes it out of us while we do it. We did adjust it down to make it easier, but then as you say, you have to work harder in order to hit the numbers. I would say it feels about 10% different from normal.”

Eric has also posted a result for a one hour row which racked up more meters than anyone has produced on a Model D. This 60-minute effort is discussed in the “Are Splits the Difference?” article in February 2012’s issue of Rowing News. Eric’s efforts may be the best data we have that shows times on the Dynamic and Model D/E are comparable.

You can continue to follow Eric Murray on his Olympic journey on Twitter, @kiwipair.

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