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Employee Profile: Sue Zukswert

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Feb 12, 2014

Sue Zukswert "carries her weight" around Concept2

Sue Zukswert’s role as IT Specialist for Concept2 is a perfect fit. “I love tending my electronic garden of hardware to keep things running,” she says, not to mention that she works alongside her husband, Don, the other half of the Concept2 IT Department. But in fact, Sue followed a remarkable path to pursue her career in IT, which began when computer skills were almost unheard of.

Early in her career, Sue found herself trying out many different jobs including banking and teaching, but eventually took a job as QA Specialist for automated missile systems for the Navy in California. “Everyone was just starting to use computers, no one had an IT background,” she recalls. When she showed aptitude, the Navy sent her back to school where she was the only woman in her class at University of California Santa Barbara to earn a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering. “Nobody thought I could do it, so I decided to show them what I could do!” Sue remembers with her typical spunk.

Fast forward many years, and a typical day for Sue at Concept2 includes “helping and teaching others about the systems and uses, and providing solutions to issues, it is really satisfying.” She also enjoys working for a “company that is dedicated more to helping others and promoting good than just the bottom line.”

Sue’s hobbies include reading, appreciating dance, music, film, sculpture and painting, and also recycling interesting fabric and clothes from thrift stores into new usable items. She serves on the missions team at her local church, helping provide anonymous financial support to other not-for-profits. And like many Concept2 employees, she has also found a passion for CrossFit, “I love the youthful energy in the classes, as well as the great music!” Sue says.

Above all, though, Sue says “My family is truly my life joy. I am married to my best friend. Our three kids are grown and are people I can be proud of and truly enjoy knowing. What can be better?”

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